Best Local Florists for Any Occasion

Male florist preparing bouquet of flowers

A good florist is like a good plumber. It’s always a good idea to have one on the back burner in case anything comes up. Fortunately, Fredericksburg has a large supply of florists who can deliver just what you need for any occasion.

Thompson’s Westwood

The people have spoken, and they love Thompson’s Westwood. This florist is known for more than its beautiful arrangements. It can also arrange your flowers and get them delivered fast. They even send an email confirmation with a picture of what has been delivered so you know exactly what the recipient received. If you want service that is professional, fast, and friendly, go with Thompson’s Westwood. Oh, and the flowers are gorgeous, too.

Mary Washington Florist

Mary Washington Florist is another local favorite. This florist is known for its long-lasting, beautiful flowers. The staff is also full of knowledge. Ask them about certain flowers, and they will give you the inside scoop. That makes ordering the perfect arrangement a cinch. Whether you want flowers for a special occasion or just want to send something to make someone happy, this florist has you covered.

Flowers by Val

You also can’t go wrong when you order from Flowers by Val. Val is quick, friendly, and informative. She can throw together one of the most beautiful arrangements you have ever seen in a matter of minutes. She can also answer questions related to flowers in order to help you get the perfect arrangement. To top it off, the store is dog-friendly. Bring your pooch along to help you pick out the best flowers for that special someone. After all, you can’t be sure if you have the right flowers until they have passed the sniff test.


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