Bring an Ornament to the Don Moncho Christmas Tree Lighting

Don Moncho Christmas Tree Lighting

To celebrate a successful Thanksgiving and usher in the festivities of Christmastime, many cities hold tree lighting ceremonies. Fredericksburg is no exception, and there are several you can choose from. But while many offer you the chance to watch, this may be the only lighting ceremony that lets you participate. For kids, this is a huge selling point, and even adults enjoy adding a personal touch to a fixture of community décor.

For the first time ever, Don Moncho will host its very own Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Read on to find out what to expect, and get some hints on what to order.

Christmas Tree Lighting

On Sunday, Nov. 26, Don Moncho in Downtown Fredericksburg invites the community to help decorate its first Christmas tree. Decorating will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., then the lighting ceremony will happen at 6 p.m. This is a 17-foot tree, so the restaurant will need lots of decorations to fill it up! Guests are encouraged to bring a family ornament or anything unique and memorable. It’ll be a treat to come back to Don Moncho throughout the season and see the ornament that you placed there yourself.

After the lighting ceremony, make sure to stick around for a photo. It’s still early in the season, so this is a great chance to take a family Christmas card photo, or just a nice holiday post for Instagram. Either way, you’ll want to wear something festive to fit the occasion.

Don Moncho

The Christmas tree lighting is a nice reason to visit Don Moncho, but the food is what will keep you coming back. Try new items like the Chile Rellenos or the Marinade Grilled Chicken and Queso. Or, for a feisty weekday dish, come on Thursday for Fajita Thursdays.

Since this is a Caribean Tex-Mex restaurant, you’re just about guaranteed to find something that the entire family will enjoy. Choose from the restaurant’s signature and adventurous dishes, or opt for a more Americanized option, which is especially great for picky kids. One appetizer that you’ve got to try is the Mexican Street Corn. It’s roasted to bring out the sweet, delicious flavor of the corn, complete with a dusting of spices, sauces, and cheese.

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