Family Fun at Central Park Fun-Land

Little brothers having fun at Central Park Fun-Land

Looking to get your kids away from their hypnotic glowing screens? Everyone is interested in finding fun and healthy family activities that will be remembered by the entire family for years to come, and Central Park Fun-Land is the place to start. With over 20 rides and attractions, you and your family won’t know which to hit up first. Should it be the go-karts, laser tag, or mini bowling?

What about rock climbing, splashing it up with bumper boats, or taking a swing in the batting cages? There is simply too much awesome and adventure in one place to try. Central Park Fun-Land is the most exciting and sought-after indoor/outdoor family adventure park in Virginia.

Outdoor Rides

Central Park Fun-Land features 15 different outdoor rides for your children and of course, that inner child begging for play time, as well. The friendly staff is there to help you with every ride. Choose to race around the Grand Prix go-kart track, take a break on one of the carnival rides, or get competitive with miniature golf. Though the outdoor rides are open year-round, they are weather sensitive. No worries, though – even without good weather, Central Park Fun-Land has more than enough indoor attractions to keep everyone happy.

Indoor Rides

If you’re looking to escape some unfortunate weather or just cool down after enjoying a day in the sun, Central Park Fun-Land’s indoor rides have you covered. The building covers 40,000 square feet of indoor rides such as bumper cars, mini roller coasters, tea cups, and more. Even the most stubborn, boredom-prone kid will have a hard time getting pouty here.

Arcade Games

With over 100 video games and “ticket & prize” games, Central Park Fun-Land’s arcade is one of the most impressive in Northern Virginia. You can select from a wide range of styles of games – the arcade truly has something for everyone. In addition, you don’t have to worry about ancient machines. Central Park Fun-Land’s arcade features many of the newest, most exciting games on the market. Just a few of the featured titles include Terminator Salvation, Super Bikes 2, and Pac-Man Battle Royale. If you like old-school games, you will be happy to see Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and even pinball are also included. Central Park Fun-Land’s selection of prizes can’t be beaten. With over 200 different prizes to choose from, even the most discerning ticket holder will go home happy.

Special Events

If you’re looking for a place for your kid’s next birthday party, a church group outing, a school field trip, or just a fun family outing, Central Park Fun-Land’s facilities will be sure to hit the mark. Check them out today!

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