Go Back in Time and Watch a Drive-in Movie

Goochland Drive-In Theater Neon sign

If you think back to the good old days, what stands out the most? If you’re a movie lover, you probably can’t help but think of drive-in movies. Going to the drive-in was an exciting event. You might’ve gathered up your buddies and headed out to see the latest blockbuster. If you were lucky, you would leave your friends at home and take a date instead. Either way, you were in for a fun night and a thrilling movie at the drive-in.

Eventually, the drive-in was replaced by indoor theaters. Sure, these theaters offer some perks, such as protection from the weather, but the feel just isn’t the same. Movies can sometimes seem a little stale once you consider that you’re surrounded by four walls instead of the great outdoors. Wanna go back in time? Take a visit to the Goochland Drive-In Theater! This theater is located in nearby Sandy Hook, and it will take you on a nice trip down memory lane every time you stop by.

The Full Drive-In Experience

Back in the old days, drive-in theaters ran cartoons before films. Goochland Drive-In Theater pays homage to the past with short cartoons before feature films. This is a great addition that aids in bringing back those childhood memories. Also, older movies are played, the theater typically plays the original trailer as well! These little details give the entire experience a nice retro feel.

The Snack Bar

Watching movies outdoors sounds great, but part of the reason you go to the movies is for the food, right? Sure, you can claim that you go to enjoy the cinematography, but is anything better than some movie theater popcorn and a hotdog?

So how does this theater stock up when it comes to concessions?

In two and a half words – it’s delicious.

Choose from burgers, corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, soft pretzels, and more. Then, of course, you can get your delicious popcorn and candy. You certainly won’t go hungry when you visit the snack bar at Goochland Drive-in Theater!

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