Tour the National Museum of the Marine Corps

National Museum for Marine Corps

Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your day? Check out the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Just like the marines, this museum goes above and beyond. With stunning exhibits and even a flat screen theater, the museum brings riveting, true tales of action, adventure, and patriotism to a family-friendly venue.

Making Marines

Ever wonder how people go from being normal, everyday people to being the first to fight in combat? This live-action exhibit offers a unique view into the mind of a beginning Marine and their experiences in boot camp. It opens with the voices of new recruits as they begin their journey and even visits the barbershop, where you can try to imagine what it might be like to have your old life ‘cut away.’ The voices of drill instructors charged with remaking these new recruits guide you through the exhibit, giving a behind-the-scenes view of what goes into changing these new recruits from average citizens into the closest thing to real-world superheroes.

Leatherneck Gallery

If you’re a gearhead who loves seeing different technologies, this exhibit is for you. Replicas of many Marine vehicles are available onsite. This includes an LVT (aka “amphibian tractor”), a Sikorsky HRS-2 helicopter, a Curtiss “Jenny” from the 1920s, a pair WWII Corsair fighters, and an AV-8B Harrier “jump jet.” These are seriously rare and beautiful pieces of machinery. You don’t want to miss out on seeing them.

The Leatherneck Gallery also offers a peek into what the Marines do for our country today. From taking action in Iraq and Afghanistan to responding to forest fires in National Parks to giving humanitarian aid in Somalia and Bangladesh, the Marines are a huge force for good in the world.  Come see what they’ve been doing lately!

This temporary exhibit won’t be around forever, so you’d better hurry up and get a look while it’s still here!

Combat Engagement and War Exhibits

The National Museum of the Marine Corps also includes exhibits on every major combat engagement and war the Marine Corps has been involved in since their inception over 200 years ago. There are even exhibits on John Philip Sousa and the Marine Band, weaponry and tactics, and command and communications. Everything you could want to know about the Marines is here.

Legacy Walk

Don’t have time to see all the awesome exhibits the museum has to offer? At least be sure to check out the Legacy Walk. The Legacy Walk includes more than 200 years of Marine Corps history, shown in beautiful photos stretching the length of the exhibit and in life-size replicas.


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