Have a Picnic at One of These Local Parks

family picnic in local park

Eating indoors is nice during the winter, but now it’s spring. It’s time to step outside of the kitchen and into a beautiful park. Pack a bag or a picnic basket and take your lunch to one of these local parks. Your food will taste so much better when you’re surrounded by lush greenery and chirping birds.

Old Mill Park

Chow down in the middle of a natural setting by eating at Old Mill Park. Located in downtown Fredericksburg, the park has picnic shelters that are perfect for eating lunch. You can also enjoy river views. Plus, it has playground equipment for your kids to enjoy after lunch. With so many options, you can set aside the entire afternoon to enjoy this park. You will probably have such a good time enjoying the scenery that you won’t want to leave until after the sun goes down.

Alum Springs Park

Enjoy a relaxing lunch at Alum Springs Park. Head over to the renovated picnic shelter to enjoy some delicious food under a sunny sky. You can also bring some uncooked food and use the grills to have a barbecue. Once lunch is over, head over to the hiking trails to burn the food off. Your calories will melt away as you all travel along the trail. Plus, this is a great opportunity to see nature up close and personal.

Memorial Recreation Park

Memorial Recreation Park, also known as Kenmore Park, is a great place to take your picnic lunch. You can sit back and relax on your blanket as you munch on your packed meal. Afterward, play on the tennis court or go for a stroll. You can even walk to the nearby dog park if you decide to bring your pet along. Your entire is sure to have a blast during a picnic here.

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